• Our taxation specialists would work with you and for your company to keep your corporate tax bill as low as possible.
  • Estimating taxes and foreseeing the tax impact on the organization is vital for every business.
  • Tax planning and assessment of the current tax situation, as well as annual tax assessment in connection with the year-end closure of the company‚Äôs accounts
  • Consultation and assistance with the Income Taxation Act, Sales Tax, Social Security and Labor Laws, and all other taxation laws and regulations
  • Estate planning, property tax services, and advice about all customs, excise & other duties

2a. Tax protection

With simply power of attorney basis, we provide acting for our clients in the contact with any local offices, saving their time that would be wasted in dealing with local bureaucracy that is often demanding and prolonged.

The service includes the following:

  • Company representation before the local authorities
  • Preparation and submission of documents in connection to tax inspections, Tax refunds and cross-references
  • Other matters related to SRB. FBR or other provincial tax authorities

2b. Tax Return Preparation & Submission

  • Data collection and processing
  • Annual closure of accounts
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax return
  • Preparation of annual financial report
  • Preparation and submission of annual statistical report
  • Submission of Withholding Statement
  • Preparation and Submission ofStatement of Assets and Liabilities (Wealth Statement for Individuals)
  • Statement of Final Taxation
  • Apportionment of FTR & NTR Revenue and Expenses